You ask yourself…
What is it going to be like?
How are my children going to feel without my presence?
Are they going to find friends?
Aren’t they going to cry?

Let us give you a piece of advice on how to prepare for the first day.

It all starts with you, parents. If you take your children ‘s kindergarten positive, they will feel it and feel the same. Listen to your children yourself, you know them best. Think about where uncomfortable situations may arise and include them in our Introductory Questionnaire. This is very important for preparing your children for the class. Talk to your children about kindergarten. What it looks like there, what the other children do there. Make your children feel safe. Get up early in the morning, cuddle with them and have everything ready. Assure them that you will spend the day in kindergarten together and that it will be fun. Each child needs a different adaptation time, so you and your teacher will gradually set it up. Play together in class, taste the food, and go to the bathroom together. Don’t rush. Because the beginning matters!

“Because the beginning matters!”