1st Baby School bilingual Kindergarten
Tuition for the school year 2021/2022

Monthly tuition – full day programme:
15,500 CZK / month

number of days per week / price:
5 days / CZK 15,500
4 days / CZK 13,600
3 days / CZK 10,700
2 days / CZK 7,400

Monthly tuition – morning programme:
9,500 CZK / month

number of days per week / price:
5 days / CZK 9,500
4 days / CZK 8,400
3 days / CZK 6,600
2 days / CZK 4,600

Daily meal:                       90 CZK / day (lunch, 2 snacks)

Club activities:                included

Conditions for admitting a child to preschool education

  • The child must be older than 2 years
  • The child must be vaccinated according to § 46 paragraph 1 of Act No. 258/2000 Coll., On the protection of public health, or have a contraindication to vaccination and this will be confirmed by a paediatrician in the form “Medical certificate”

Procedure for admitting a child to preschool education

  • The parent or legal guardian fills in the electronic form at the link:


  • This link refers to our internal electronic system, which is operated by Twigsee, so the entire registration can be done safely online. 
  • Upon completion of this form, a medical certificate form will be generated for the parents or legal guardian, which they will deliver signed by the child ‘s paediatrician before signing the contract. The certificate must not be older than 3 months since the start of schooling.
  • In case of free capacity, the kindergarten can accept children throughout the school year.

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