Clubs for the 2022/23 school year


Dancing club (all age groups)

The dance club is aimed at improving the coordination of movements. It tries to create a balance between movement and music. Here, children learn to perceive rhythm and tones.


Logic – math club (for children from 3 years old)

This club practices children’s logical thinking. Games that are played focus on pre-math skills and teach them basic counting. Everything is done in a fun and playful way so that the children can enjoy the club as much as possible.


YOGA for children (all age groups)

This club introduces the practice of yoga to children through stories, poems and songs. The goal is for children to learn to perceive their body, breathe correctly, strengthen themselves and adopt the correct posture. Yoga brings children relaxation, improvement of movement coordination, balance and concentration. Various exercise aids, pictures and toys are used. Children will also learn to relax. Yoga for children is designed in a gentle and simple way without long endurance and pressure on flexibility.