These courses are provided by the Skokánek swimming school in Dolní Břežany. There is a maximum of 8 children in the group and the lessons include teaching basic swimming skills and, of course, various water games and frolicking. We swim in two semesters of 10 lessons, which are from October to December and then in the spring from April to June.


Biologically – outdoor club

Children spend a lot of time outdoors and explore nature up close. They collect various natural objects and then do experiments with them, or create individual and team works. They collect herbs and continuously make a herbarium. They observe bugs, larvae, caterpillars, butterflies, earthworms, snails and other interesting animals. In bad weather, they research in our “Experiments and Discoveries” center. We also include movement, as it is one of the basic needs of children’s healthy development. Movement activities are aimed at healthy growth, improvement of motor skills and spatial orientation. The goal of the club is to get as close as possible to nature and understand it.


Logic – math club

This club exercises children’s logical thinking. Children solve more challenging problems that strengthen pre-math skills, play a variety of board games and also learn different ways of solving. Children engage all their senses and learn to work with error as a necessary part of knowledge.


 Yoga for children

Through stories, poems and songs, children are introduced to the practice of yoga. The goal is for children to learn to perceive their body, breathe correctly, strengthen themselves and adopt the correct posture. Yoga brings children relaxation, improvement of movement coordination, balance and concentration. Various exercise aids, pictures and toys are used. Children will also learn to relax. Yoga for children is designed in a gentle and simple way without long endurance and pressure on flexibility.


Games with a drum

Lesson full of nursery rhymes and folk songs, games and dances for the development of movement, singing and playing musical rhythmic instruments. Children can try the African small drum jambe and sing simple African songs. We connect folk rhymes with exercise within the framework of the seasons. By playing instruments and singing, children learn to develop a sense of rhythm, auditory memory, speech and expand their vocabulary. In dances and games, children get to know their body and their senses, improve body coordination, spatial orientation, and improve their expressive skills. At the end, angelic bells with caress await them.


Dramatic – dance club

The main purpose of the drama and dance club is to help children learn about the world and its surroundings through play and dance, in which they actively participate. Through dramatic play, children gain experience with various situations that they may encounter in real life, and thus they adopt this new knowledge in a non-violent and natural way. Drama also develops children’s imagination, spontaneity and creativity. Through dance, they can express their emotions, recognize them and learn to accept them.


Cooking, baking and kitchen maintenance club

Above all, children are introduced to the safe use of kitchen tools, learn to work with a recipe and understand the workflow. During each lesson, they first learn about the raw materials used and their origin. They prepare delicious meals together, and the final cleaning of the kitchen is also an integral part of the club. They learn not to waste and they also get to know how to decorate food, serve it and how to properly dine.


Speech therapist club

The group of speech therapy exercises is mainly focused on practicing correct pronunciation and overall improvement of children’s expressive abilities. In addition, it helps children expand their vocabulary, supports their auditory perception, visual orientation and auditory and visual memory. We emphasize the individual needs of each child in the field of speech therapy care.