Zuzana Sládková

Kindergarten principal

Zuzana graduated from the Secondary Pedagogical School in Přerov, majoring in Pre-school and out-of-school pedagogy. She has ten years of experience as a kindergarten teacher. She has experience with the Step by Step program and Montessori pedagogy. During her teaching career, she completed a number of seminars and projects focused, for example, on emotional and social development of the personality (teacher), teamwork and communication, speech therapy prevention, mentoring and many others. She is a mother of twins, likes music, painting, dancing, skiing, nature, herbs.

She is interested in teaching children in the field of ecology and environmental education. She places great emphasis on the emotional and social development of children, as she believes that this is the most important area in which preschool children should develop in order to be happy and satisfied in the future.

She values the importance of building strong relationships with children and parents so that there is a sense of community and mutual trust in the classroom.

Her vision is to lead children to independence and consideration for others and nature. To develop in them that everyone is equal and has the same value. The relationship with children, parents and colleagues is based on equal partnership, mutual tolerance, respect and dignity. It is important for her to create a stimulating and loving environment for children in which they feel safe and accepted as they are, in their uniqueness and individuality, so that they leave kindergarten as self-confident, fulfilled and motivated beings, ready for further education.

Kristýna Květoňová

Kristýna Květoňová

Deputy director and bilingual kindergarten teacher

Kristýna studied preschool and after-school pedagogy at St. John’s College. First, she worked for 10 years as an English teacher for children from 3 months to 10 years at the Helen Doron Early English Learning Center, where she gained many certificates and experience in the field of teaching English in early childhood. She is now in her third year running our kindergarten in Modřany. She is the mother of 2 daughters who went through elementary school in a bilingual program combined with Step by Step program and 1 son who attends a Montessori elementary school. She very much likes to create, draw, photograph and further her education in the field.

It is very important to her that the environment where children grow up, play, learn, in short discover the world, is inspiring, stimulating, respectful and safe. Its goal is to make the place where you entrust your children to our care every day be exactly like that.

Emira Tileekeva

Emira Tilekeeva

bilingual kindergarten teacher

Emira is an experienced and motivated kindergarten English teacher with a passion for teaching and working with young children. She has been part of the team at 1st Baby School for over 2 years and therefore has extensive experience and expertise in the field of preschool education. She is passionate about creating a fun and engaging learning environment for children and innovative teaching methods provide excellent conditions for early childhood education. She approaches each child individually to help them grow and learn. She respectfully builds a loving relationship with the children and thus offers a stable environment, which is very important to her during the time she spends with the children. It primarily introduces children to the English language through a communicative method through various games and activities. Her passions include learning new languages, reading, photography, traveling and dancing.

Hanka Cyhtilová

Hana Chytilová

bilingual kindergarten teacher

Hanka graduated from a higher vocational school in the field of social pedagogy and then furthered her education in the field of preschool education, in which she now has over 10 years of experience. While in Great Britain, she studied English and obtained a Cambridge certificate. What she enjoys most about the Step by Step program is that the children explore the world as it really is. They learn independently, but also from each other. She provides space for children in which they learn to think independently and take responsibility for themselves and their work. It gives children the opportunity to express their needs and wishes, thus providing them with a safe learning environment and encouraging their creativity.

Hanka comes from Přerov and has been living with her three daughters in Prague since 2017. She likes music and plays the violin and guitar. In her free time, she reads books a lot and goes for long walks in nature.

Nataša Loušová

Nataša Loušová

nursery school nanny and housekeeper

Naty is a trained nanny for children until the start of schooling and has received a number of certificates for leading creative activities and creation, movement and psychomotor games with children in kindergartens. She has been working with children her entire professional life and is devoted to them at a professional level. She worked in kindergartens, children’s groups, but also in families as a nanny. The first place for her is the satisfaction of children and parents. She likes to create with children and develop their creative and motor skills. She has been working at 1st Baby School for the second year and is a great support for the teachers with her active approach. She is a grandmother of 3 grandchildren and enjoys reading, gardening and traveling.