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Jarmila Karnovská

Kindergarten Director – Start Together program

Director of the Špálova Kindergarten, Ostrava, a graduate of the Znojmo Secondary Pedagogical School, experience in the field of 40 years – regular kindergarten, special speech therapy kindergarten, respiratory kindergarten.

In the director’s position, she strives to fulfil her life visions: to create a modern, open and professionally valued school, where every child, parent, employee would find their safe place for education, self-realization, regardless of faith, race, social status. Her whole life she has been interested in education focused on inclusion, social inclusion, emotional and personal development. She provides collegial support, prefers constructivist pedagogy, and is engaged in teaching activities in the field of preschool education for educational institutions: KVIC – Regional Facility for Further Education of Teachers, Dobrý den, NPI – National Pedagogical Institute, Step by Step Czech Republic – Start Together Program.

An active, positive person, looking for new options and ways of working. Her attitude to life can be explained by an excerpt from a song from the movie “Women on the Run”: “If you can’t go on, try it harder, just shout from your lungs, word impossible doesn’t exist, you can do it, you got this… “

Kristýna Květoňová

Kristýna Květoňová

Deputy Director

Kristýna is currently finishing her studies at Svatojánská kolej, where she has studied preschool and extracurricular pedagogy for 3 years. Her thesis is devoted to teaching foreign languages ​​in preschool age, with which she has 10 years of experience in the Helen Doron Early English Learning Centrer where she worked as an English teacher for children from 3 months to 10 years. She also has experience in managing and operating an international kindergarten. She is a mother of 2 daughters who went through primary school in a bilingual program combined with Start Together and 1 son who attends Montessori primary school. She loves being creative, drawing, taking photographs and yachting. It is very important for her that the environment where children grow up, play, learn, simply discover the world, is inspiring, stimulating, respectful and safe. Her goal is to provide this kind of place where you entrust your children to our care on a daily basis.

Marie Němcová

Marie Němcová

Kindergarten bilingual teacher

She is a graduate nurse who started her career in a psychiatric clinic. She is very grateful for this two-year experience, as she had the opportunity to meet not only adult but also paediatric patients. At the same time, this practice assured Marie that she would like to continue to care for the children, but under more pleasant conditions. Therefore, she started as a nurse in an international nursery and helped the youngest in their development and accompanied them in the first years of their lives. After two years in a nursery, she also studied Preschool and Extracurricular Pedagogy at a secondary school in Prague.

Marie is a mother of two daughters, whom you can meet at 1st Baby School. She is very creative, she enjoys hiking, running and literature.

Happy children are very important to her at work. She of course focuses on self-education and personal development in the field, as this is the only way to achieve a stimulating and inspiring environment, which is essential for the proper development of your children.