1st Baby School – Kindergarten

  • What we do – 1st Baby School – Kindergarten provides a stimulating learning environment that encourages curiosity and a desire to learn. Part of this environment is treating a child as an equal partner with respect.
  1. Activity Centres – The class is organized into activity centres that offer multiple activities at the same time to develop skills, gain knowledge, and support children’s teamwork and learning.
  2. Support for uniqueness – The teachers offer different types of activities and the level of support according to the individual needs of the children; they are more in a role of guides.
  3. Freedom and responsibility – Children are co-responsible for their education and have the opportunity to participate in its planning, which strengthens their self-esteem and self-confidence.
  4. Own rules – Children, together with the teacher, make rules that are positively defined and actively used.
  5. The journey itself is the goal – The process of learning and reflection on work is as important to us as the result.
  6. Kindness and respect – Teachers, children and parents communicate with each other in a helpful and respectful manner.
  7. The world in context – The educational program takes place in blocks in which we work with sub-topics that we interconnect. These contexts support the perception of the world as a whole.
  8. Safety and independence – Activities during the day take place according to a given structure, which contributes to the feeling of safety and independence of children.
  9. No labelling – The teacher uses descriptive language to communicate with children and provides feedback without prejudice, labelling and subjective evaluation.
  10. Openness to the world – We perceive the kindergarten as part of the real world, so we bring real-life experiences and learn from the immediate surroundings that surround the children.
  11. Family Involvement – The kindergarten offers the family a variety of ways of cooperation that meet its needs, opportunities, lifestyle, and background.
  12. The joy of learning – A positive atmosphere, a sense of security and the joy of learning are important to us.


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