Proper Education

A safe and pleasant environment for children is the basis for us. One teacher is in charge of a maximum of 6 children. Happy and healthy child, that is our goal!

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Healthy food

The diet is healthy, balanced and varied. We buy the right foods and work with a nutritionist to compile the menu.

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Entertainment activities

With us, children are not bored! They can look forward to versatile physical and creative activity. In a respectful and safe environment, children naturally explore the world as it is. They learn independently of each other, together and from each other.

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Briefly about us

  • Bilingual kindergarten 1st Baby School follows an educational programme Začít spolu,(Start together programme) which is partly taught in English language. The key to this programme is to give children a safe space to express their needs, wishes and imagination and also challenge them to naturally learn and explore their creativity.​
  • Our kindergarten provides preschool education for children aged 2-6 years with a capacity of 24 children. Two teachers and a qualified nanny takes care of them.
  • Our opening hours are from 7:30 to 17:00 (7:30 AM to 5:00 PM)
  • The kindergarten is located in a peaceful residential area in the vicinity of a natural monument Modřanská gorge, which we visit a lot.
  • We are registered in the Register of Schools and School Facilities of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic, therefore it is mandatory for us to follow the Framework Educational Program and we also use the following methods: Dobrý start, Dobrý začátek, Hejného metoda, Ekoškola, Skutečně zdravá mateřská škola.
  • If you are interested in visiting our kindergarten, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone at 739 977 988 and make an appointment with us.

1st Baby School – Mateřská škola s.r.o.

Rozvodova 1093/26, 143 00 Praha 12 – Modřany

Our principles

Help me, and I will do it myself.

Show me the way, and I will learn it.

I am like a flower I need time to bloom.

I am talented, I just need to find myself.

I am friendly, I help and listen to others.

I am responsible for my own actions